Living in the Moment: A Remedy for the Digital Age

Even the most phone-addicted of our society will agree that their phone has taken some kind of toll on them, sudden surge after sudden surge of excitement baiting them to their screens day after day. And even those of us without phones will stop to criticize excessive use of the Internet, but fail to produce... Continue Reading →


The Inkspill Winter Gift Guide… and two free movie links

Hey guys! For all those who told me you preferred my lifestyle posts, this one's for you! As the winter season comes upon us, we need to start thinking about two material questions: For what things are we grateful? (of course, this pertains to non-objects too) What gifts are we going to give? If it... Continue Reading →

The Inkspill (Prank) Gift Guide…

Guess what? There are people in our lives to whom we all need to give an educational gift. I guess that's no surprise... at any rate, this list will help you with them! Better yet, everything on this list is FREE. Is there anything sweeter than an, ahem, lesson taught - at no cost to you whatsoever... Continue Reading →

One Thought to Change Your Work Mindset

When we think of career development, the first phrases that often come to mind are "job interview", "promotion", and "bonus" - then, in a more negative light, "firing" or "downsizing". These are all some pretty extreme words, contrary to the marginal changes that occur in our daily lives. So you just had a job interview.... Continue Reading →

Feminism is Not Extra Credit

So much news commending some feminist or another appears in the papers and online, often for even the pettiest of reasons. In stating so, perhaps I sound a bit like a tired misogynist, despite being angrily and proudly feminist. But my reasons for such a controversial statement is simple: Feminism is not extra credit. Maybe... Continue Reading →

Life is a Highway… and It Needs to Slow Down.

Since the first Industrial Revolution, seemingly every innovation has achieved either of two effects: one, making people more efficient, and two, making entertainment more stimulating. To this end, a perceivable pattern can be observed: our lives, both public and personal, are becoming increasingly fast-paced, and anything that cannot keep up is ultimately redesigned. Perhaps this... Continue Reading →

On Feminist Parenting

It's 2018. As a global community, there can be no objections to the fact that we have made great progress since the times of yore - even since the 1950s - in empowering women and approaching equality. The results are evident: Saudi Arabia granted women the right to drive, the United Nations has brought together... Continue Reading →

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