Parenting: Why I’m Glad I Never Got an Allowance

Many parents give their children allowances as a way of teaching them to manage money, to juggle resources, and ultimately to gain an economic edge in the adult world. While imposing limitations and forcing children to make decisions can help them develop into more logical thinkers and boost their ability to control their impulses, the... Continue Reading →


Yes, Commercial Industries are Sexist – here are Inkspill’s Top Five

When we talk about sexism in workplaces we usually mean equal pay, work harassment, and HR blunders - but a largely under-addressed center of misogyny lies in today's consumer culture. Below, I have compiled a list of the most misogynistic industries that frustrate me the most. Have some you'd like to add? Feel free to... Continue Reading →

Inside My Mornings… The Uniform

Happy New Year, folks! First order of business: Thank you all so much for supporting my blog these past few months. Thank you for your comments, your time, and your patience with my sense of humor. In return, I hope I've been writing what you want to read... and as always, feel free to critique.... Continue Reading →

The Comfort We Refuse to Accept

It's hard to have hope.¬†We think of hope as both a virtue and as a gift, for that reason - it is the comfort we often deny ourselves. Often, we have these tendencies because it's simply easier to be miserable and to resign oneself to present struggles, and in other cases we are simply afraid... Continue Reading →

Why Feminism Strengthens Men

Let's get this straight from the start.¬†Feminism does not strengthen women. It just allows them to use the strength they already have without social constraints. So who benefits from feminism, in terms of gaining strength? Men. 1. Feminism places everyone on the same playing field. Careers for which men were shamed in the past (the... Continue Reading →

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